19 -March -2018





"Music... It runs in our family, in our friends, in our lives, in our blood"


2 Brothers . . . 1 mission . . . To create innovative and powerful music which will
entertain listeners of all backgrounds. HIGHFLYERS believe that music is a way
of expressing life and emotion... emotion that we all can relate to and understand.


"We aim to consistently produce quality music which is original, 
                                                                                          but yet traditional"



HIGHFLYERS consists of two brothers - DJ GURJ & INDIE...
DJ GURJ:  From a very early age DJ GURJ began to experiment with decks, which similarly
to other DJs involved spending hours in his bedroom creating remixes. Along with this he
also had the advantage of being surrounded by family members consisting of DJs and
Producers. He then progressed onto music production and learnt to play musical instruments.


INDIE: On the other hand, took a different approach, he learnt to play keyboards, but it
was not until secondary school he found his real niche. Rhythms and beats were his
speciality and from this, with the help of an expert drum teacher, he learnt to play drums.
Although he didn't play in any Bhangra bands at the time, he played in the school orchestra's
and Rock band. He then progressed to form a Rock band at work where they performed
Rock classics such as 'Stairway to heaven' by 'Led Zeppelin'


A large part of HIGHFLYERS inspiration arised from their family, who were the soul
behind the very succesful 'Pardesi Music Machine'.


"With all the time, effort, and hard work we have put together, we WILL be
recognised as one of the most innovative and individual artists to enter
the the Asian Music Scene..."